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Generic ‘Field Construction’ Budget Numbers

EXAMPLE BUDGET 350 ft Center Field

A. Layout Work ____________________________________$1,000
B. Mass Site Grading, if required ____________________$10,000-12,000
a. Strip Topsoil
b. Relocate/Add Fill
c. Re-spread/Machine Grade Topsoil
C. Fence Construction _____________________________$40,000
a. Bull Pen Areas
b. Gates
D. Irrigation – Entire Field___________________________$25,000-30,000
E. Infield Construction______________________________$40,000-45,000
a. Import/Grade Topsoil for Proper Slope
b. Sod Infield Interior and Foul Area Dugout to Dugout
c. Baseball Mix and Top Dressing Material to all Skinned Areas
d. Construct Mound and Home Plate
e. Base Anchors and Bases
f. Warning Track and Walk-up Lanes
F. Outfield Construction_____________________________$40,000-50,000
a. Import/Grade Topsoil for Proper Slope
b. Sod Outfield Area
c. Construct Outfield Warning Track
G. Construct Dugouts – Concrete Block________________$30,000-40,000
H. Supply and Install Scoreboard_____________________$10,000-12,000
I. Supply and Install Bleachers_______________________$12,000-15,000

TOTAL BUDGET AMOUNT: $155,000.00 to $245,000.00