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Baseball Field Products for Design, Construction & Renovation of Baseball Fields.

Magic Mix Playing Surface Material for Better Baseball & Softball infields & Warning Tracks.

H&K Sports Fields has a proprietary baseball field playing service product Magic Mix, which is used on the baseball fields to make the ultimate playing surface. View Magic Mix FAQ. Magic Mix is the newest material available for softball and baseball fields. Magic Mix allows for a great, safe playing surface. The material is by far the most cost cutting, labor saving material available today.

Magic Mix has a deep, rich color: gives a better baseball playing surface in all weather conditions: works with soil conditioner and drying agents to make the best drying condition possible after rain: compacts to give great footing, but does not over compact to make a rock hard surface: plays better than any conditioned clay surface: is easily applied by hand or top dresser:cost effective due to the porous nature of the material, eliminating the need for costly maintenance upkeep: creates more consistent baseball playing surface, smooth and soft – makes the balls bounce straight, no more pot holes or sharp stones to worry about.

Magic Mix is a fine baseball field construction material which can be used on all infield skinned areas for baseball or softball fields, and it can also be used on pitching mounds, bull pen areas, and warning tracks.

What is the main reason to use H&K Magic Mix during baseball field construction?

Magic Mix surface playing material, also known as top dressing, has many performance enhancing qualities for baseball fields, but the most important is assisting in surface drainage that allows baseball games to be played as soon as precipitation stops. Because Magic Mix does not get muddy or slippery games can be played as scheduled. Drying materials such as calcified clay are not needed to soak up water.

What is H&K Magic Mix baseball playing surface made of?

Magic Mix primary make-up is pulverized granite proprietary manufactured to exact gradation standards.

How often do I have to replace H&K Magic Mix?

If proper mat dragging and other basic field maintenance is followed Magic Mix should last up to five (5) years on your baseball field before replacement is necessary.

How deep, in baseball fields, is H&K Magic Mix installed?

We recommend ¼” to 3/8” deep. Magic Mix is a surface playing material; also know as a top dressing material. The intent of Magic Mix is to cover the skinned area of the baseball infield with a thin layer of performance enhancing material.

What maintenance is required after baseball games?

Very little, the only maintenance that we recommend is mat dragging with a steel mat after baseball field construction.
“We have tried other top dressing materials and found that some stain uniforms.”

Does H&K Magic Mix stain uniforms?

No, because H&K Magic Mix does not contain any clay or silt materials to stick to uniforms.

Does H&K Magic Mix hurt when you slide?

No, Magic Mix is made through a pulverizing process that eliminates any sharp edges. In addition, the gradation of Magic Mix is small enough that even young players with improper sliding techniques can feel confident in taking that extra base.

Does H&K Magic Mix blow away?

No. Magic Mix main ingredient is granite which is very hard and dense. Unlike calcified clays or diatomaceous earth Magic Mix is heavy and will not blow off baseball fields.