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Sports Stadium & Sport Complex Sponsorship & Many Other Forms of Fund Raising

H&K Sports Fields Sponsorship/Partnership Development Support

H&K Sports Fields has the potential to increase revenues for a project by bringing in corporate sponsors, strategic partners and promotional partners with similar or compatible business goals in order to obtain added strategic and marketing power, reduced costs, increased visibility, and broader collective appeal for the target market.

H&K Sports Fields has identified these key areas for sponsorship/partnership opportunities with various projects. Contact us.

Corporate Sponsors – with naming rights for fields and facilities within a complex.

We will identify viable potential sponsors and determine the appropriate value based upon a market assessment of comparable sponsorship opportunities.  We may decide to target a specific industry category for naming rights in a particular area.

Strategic Partners – these companies would most likely have exclusivity within their industry category (or sub-category) and would maintain an ongoing strategic relationship with the project for a specified period of time. Categories may include:

  • Technology Partner – a retailer or manufacturer that can provide electronics throughout the complex and facilities.
  • Apparel Partner – a manufacturer that can provide uniforms for athletes (jersey, pants, socks, caps) and coaches (shirts, jackets, caps), as well as apparel for employees and volunteers
  • Retail/Pro Shop Partner – a retailer or manufacturer with a wide array of products pertinent to the target market.
  • Food & Beverage Concessions Partner – a partner(s) that can provide food & beverage for concessions.
  • Sports Fields and Grounds Partner – a partner that can help offset the operational expense associated with maintaining the sports fields.
  • Recognition/Rewards/Memorabilia Partner(s) – a partner that can provide hardware, (trophies and medals) along with team photos, DVDs, and other sports memorabilia for those attending the Facility.
  • Advertising and Promotional Opportunities – target companies who would be willing to pay for exposure within the complex.
  1. scoreboards at the baseball fields
  2. scoreboards at the multi-use fields
  3. website links/ads
  4. event sponsorship
  5. others opportunities as developed/defined

Project size and scope will impact the potential sponsorship opportunity.  Each project needs to be evaluated for sponsorship opportunities based upon its individual merits and potential value.

Next step– tell us about your project. Just complete our free quote form and we’ll follow up with you as soon as possible.