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Feasibility Study – Sport Complex Planning Process

It’s important to work with a sports field company that knows the whole process. Not only can we provide you with the best product, but we can make sure that it’s delivered at the best price. Below you will find what we believe is important in the pre-development planning process. Each of these elements can be performed for your project in a custom manner. If you want to start with just a business plan to get investors or are ready for a full feasibility study – our expert team at H&K Sports Fields can help.

Pre-Development Project Planning

A. Feasibility Analysis:
Report outlining impact to community, preliminary business plan and financing plan for project development. Analysis to ensure investment is proper and sizing of project is correct.

B. Economic Impact
Provide detailed analysis of overall impact to the local community including construction expenditures and construction jobs, operating expenditures and operating jobs.

C. Business Plan:
Provide detailed analysis of all revenue sources that can be expected from the complex and specific options for grants, sponsors and non athletic operating revenues including concessions and advertising. This report will be the “blueprint” for the development of the organization plan for the owners and serves to determine the sources of ongoing revenues.

D. Cost Estimate:
Estimates based on costs from previous projects, historical costs, and discussions with local contractors. The cost estimate will be detailed including line items for all site work, utilities, athletic fields, and buildings.

E. Completion of due diligence checklist: due diligence is the investigation and verification of the selected property. Information is gathered at this stage to investigate the property from a permitting as well as construction standpoint.

F. Preliminary Design & Development
Provide preliminary conceptual drawings for three distinct areas – site work, athletic fields, and buildings, if necessary.

Site work:
(1) Grading Plan: A preliminary grading plan will be provided to show how the site will drain
(2) Storm Water: An area will be set aside at the low of the site for storm water management ponds.
(3) Access: proposed access points to nearby streets will be shown. Turn lane improvements will be shown on the concept plans, if required.
(4) Utilities: Existing utilities will be incorporated into the concept plans.
(5) Parking: Parking lots will be incorporated into the concept plans.

Athletic Fields:
(1) Conceptually design the proper number and size of athletic fields.
(2) Spectators: Safe and comfortable viewing areas will be designed to accommodate fans throughout the complex.
(3) Misc. Items: Player warm up areas, including batting cages, will be addressed in the conceptual drawings.

G. Completion of 3 Dimensional Color Rendering