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Sports Field Construction, Single or Multi-Field

We’re prepared to do it all!! Over the years we’ve perfected our construction process which allows us to provide you with a range of field size and level of play in baseball, soccer, football, rugby, and field hockey … or any other field sport. If you’re interested in seeing some of our past work, please follow this link (link to page with past projects). If you would like to see sample budgets, construction documentation or learn more about the construction process in general we are happy to provide you with access to our secured site (link to quote request). You may also use the same form to ask us any construction question you may have.

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Laser and GPS Grading:
At H&K Sports Fields we believe that “Building Better Fields Makes Better Players” and we know that the keystone to a better field is in the precision of the grade.  When the grade is done improperly water does not move off of the playing surface which leads to increased rain-outs, more delays of game and in the end lost revenue.

Positive surface drainage, which is created by the grade of the field, ensures that any water falling on the field has the shortest possible distance to travel with the least amount if impediment to get off the field.  And not just anyone can provide you with the precision necessary to sports fields.  Roads may look smooth and flat when driving upon them, but if you were walk along them  you would see instead that the surface undulates much more than you might expect.  If they were covered in grass, as is a sports field, it would be nearly impossible for water to get to storm drains and we would have many more flood events in our cities and towns.  Precision grading ensures that water flows easily off the field of play preventing puddling and excessive rain-outs or delays.  Additionally a smooth surface is safer for players and ensures a truer game by not interfering with ball roll.

Sure, you can install drainage in the subsurface, but water moves much faster and easier when it is traveling along the top of the soil than when moving through it.  Under heavy precipitation events (or quick snow melt) this will not only cause puddling, but can also change the movement of the water enough to wash out portions of the field which will exacerbate the situation and negatively affect play and safety.

Magic Mix Top Dressing:
Our patented mix is different from other top dressings on the market.  Though it works great on all baseball and softball fields it was designed to meet the needs specific to those with high-use and reduced maintenance capabilities. To learn more, please follow this link Magic Mix Playing Surface Material.

Magic Track Warning Track Material:
Magic Track is exactly what every warning track needs!  Not only does it perfectly match the color of our Magic Mix top dressing, it provides secure footing for players without compromising drainage rates.  Learn more about our newest addition, just fill out our request form and we’ll send you info and answer you project specific questions.

Whole Field Problem Solving and Custom Maintenance and Management Programs:
At H&K Sports Fields we take great pride in our work on your fields.  We LOVE sports and the fields on which they are played!  So, if you’ve got a question about an existing field or you want that “first day” feeling to last with a new field, we’re pleased to be able to offer you customized maintenance and management plans from our on-staff Turfgrass Agronomist.  She can provide you with fertilizer recommendations, weed control plans, infield skin maintenance instruction, mowing tips, painting information and a myriad other solutions to any turf or field management questions you may have.