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How to Design a Baseball or Sports Field Properly

In terms of sports field construction, design isn’t just about the layout of your new facility, it also specifically defines the underlying structure, product use and build specifications. With out a good design you can’t really know what kind of field you’ll be left with when your general contractor hands you the keys. Some fields with poor design can stand up to the years, but more often than not poorly designed fields less than functional for the uses they must withstand and will need heavy renovation work within just a year or two. Much of the renovation work we do at H&K Sports Fields is on poorly designed fields that actually needed the work 3 or more years before the owners were able to put together the proper capital to have the work done. There are plenty of ways to try and save money on a build project but design and grading is not one of them.

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At H&K we have done the work for you. We have two available field designers with long lists of experience with both single field and multi-field designs. They are quite familiar with the special needs of sports fields and the accompanying facilities (concession, bathrooms, parking, maintenance, etc.). Every plan is individual and uniquely developed to fit your site, use requirements and level of play. Our designers are available to work with us for site feasibility studies and site assessment insuring that you find the best location fit for your new facility. We will work with you and them to develop the specifications for the build and they are available for any adjustments that may be needed during the entire process. Indeed, just as with us, you will have access to their expertise through the final day of the field grow-in period.

If you chose to use your own designer or architect, we suggest that you review their past work and look for the following qualifications:

  1. Past experience in sports field design specific to your sport and your type of complex is a MUST! The layout and specifications of a sports field design are vastly different from golf courses, parks, and other landscaped areas.
  2. If they are lacking in personal experience they should be within a firm that does not or they should be willing to partner with someone who is not. The partner can be another designer, architect or a Turfgrass Agronomist with sports field experience.
  3. They should pay close attention to your ideas and issues and be more than willing to provide adequate answers to your questions about the design.
  4. They should be able to offer multiple solutions to your design needs and create a design that is individually suited to your site and the needs therein.
  5. Last, they should be willing to help you as you work to communicate about the design and specifications to your board, the public or any entity with whom you will also be working.